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Audio and Nichicon

imageNichicon's capacitors are not only important parts of high-performance digital household appliances and electronics. They are also used to great effect when generating "sound" in the audio equipment field. In fact, the capacitors in a unit of audio equipment have significant impact on the quality of sound. Nichicon has a long history of developing capacitors for audio equipment and is highty evaluated by professinals worldwide for its high-quality products.

Recently,as a part of its efforts to address global enviromental problems,Nichicon has been focusing on developing capacitors dedicated to audio equipment using only materials having little enviromental impact. Enviromental-sensitive structual components are generally considered to adversely affect sound quality,but Nichicon made great efforts to achieve the highest sound quality possible and managed to design a series of products that reproduce sound in a crystal clear manner,without any distortion, thoughout the entire tone scale.

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In "HiVi Best Buy Audiovisual Section Top Class" published by the influential audiovisual magazine HiVi, it was documented that Nichicon products are equipped in more than half the number out of the top ten models. For this award, expert critics select the most satisfactory models among audiovisual-related products currently available on the market, and audiophiles place high confidence in this award.Nichicon products are also employed in models that were awarded in the "Best Stereo Compo Grand Prize" competition held by Radio Technology, a leading audio magazine.