News Release June. 20, 2011

Low-Voltage Electric Vehicle (hereinafter EV) Rapid Charging Station Utilizing Solar Power Generation and Storage Functions Wins Minister of the Environment Award in 2011 Electrical Construction Equipment and Materials Fair (hereinafter ECEMF) Product Contest


Nichicon Corporation received an Award for low-voltage EV charging station utilizing solar power generation and storage functions from the Minister of the Environment at the 2011 ECEMF Product Contest.


The purpose of this Award is as follows:

- Promote the progress and improvement of materials in electrical construction equipment.

- Promote improvement of technology for electrical construction equipment and assist in its advancement for related companies.

- Help to improve the environment for all people.

This award is presented by the Japan Electrical Manufacturer Association at the annual ECEMF. Now in its 50th year, there were 47 companies competing for the award.


Nichiconís low-voltage EV charging station utilizes solar power generation and storage functions. EVs are charged using a combination of system (grid) power and carbon-free energy generated by solar power. By combining the stored solar power with grid power and low-capacity commercial power sources; a 3 kWsource can be used for a 50-kW rapid recharging unit. As a result, the installation of high voltage electrical equipment is unnecessary and reduces start-up costs as well as running costs. These stations can be installed almost anywhere; such as the expressway service areas, convenience stores, and can replace gas stations in sparsely populated rural area which are rapidly disappearing. The system is made up of a DC-DC converter that sends solar-power-generated electricity to a storage battery, an AC-DC converter that sends electricity from a commercial power source to a storage battery, a high-capacity lithium-ion battery, and a rapid recharger. Nichiconís proprietary technology allows this system to operate on a low-voltage commercial power source. And because this system stores solar power, it can be independently installed and operated, and used for emergency power and emergency rapid recharging in case of a disaster.


Nichicon has installed this energy-conserving/energy-storing rapid charging system for EV at the Suita Service Area on the Meishin Expressway, as well in facilities owned by the Kyoto prefectural and municipal governments.


Nichicon is receiving an increasing number of inquiries not only from local governments but from the private sector as well. With this Minister of the Environment Award, Nichicon will continue to step up its efforts to create and provide products demanded by our customers and the market.


Nichicon Receives Award for Outstanding Quality Supply from Toyota Motor Corporation

Meishin Expressway Suita Service Area

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