Contributions to the Hayabusa asteroid probe

You are probably familiar with the Hayabusa asteroid probe. The Hayabusa asteroid probe, which has received worldwide attention after traveling through space for about 7 years and returning to Earth recently, carried our EM series film capacitors.
In the future, we will continue to cooperate in the development and advancement of Japanís efforts related to space by providing capacitors, which are indispensable for the electronic devices used in spacecraft and probe.

■Hayabusa overview

May 9, 2003
June 13, 2010
NEC Corporation
Establish sample recovery technologies, test ion engines and other equipment empirically, investigate an asteroid

■Flashlight played an important role in landing on the Itokawa asteroid

During its landing on the Itokawa, the Hayabusa employed a technology in which a flashlight was used to point out the target marker that had been dropped at the landing point so that it could find the location of the marker by itself.
Our EM series film capacitors were used in this technology. Our product was employed for the flashlight used to find the target marker and contributed to demonstrating this technology for guiding the Hayabusa, which moves horizontally as it descends, to the landing point accurately.

■EM series film capacitors

Rated voltage:
500 VDC
Rated capacitance:

■Letters of gratitude for our distinguished service

We received letters of gratitude for our distinguished service from the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology and the Minister of Space Development.
Our accelerator power supplies are also used in the SPring-8 large synchrotron orbital radiation facility where particles brought back by the Hayabusa from the Itokawa asteroid are being investigated.

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» Development of an ultra precise high voltage charger for X-FEL
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