Metallized plastic Film Capacitors Chart

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Foil Type Plastic Film Capacitors Chart   Plastic Film Capacitors for AC Power Based on Applications

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※1 Products which are scheduled to be discontinued.
Not recommended for new designs.

Change the type ・ series name by RoHS directive correspondence

The series name was changed by RoHS directive correspondence and the products in the table below were deleted from the catalog. For designing, please select from the new series for your applications.

Outline Dielectric Obsoleted Type ・ Series   New Type ・ Series
Standard Type Metallized Polyester Film QXJ QXK-(ZH)
Compact Size Standard  Type Metallized Polyester Film QXN QXK
Standard Type For High Frequency Applications Dip type Metallized Polypropylene Film QXF QXP
For  High Frequency & Large current Applications Dip  type Polypropylene Film,
and Metallized Polypropylene Film
Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law Approved for
AC power source Dip type
Metallized Polyester Film QXU , QXR QXL
Tape-Wrapped Axial lead Type Metallized Polyester Film QAS QAK
Tape-Wrapped Axial lead
Type For High Frequency Aplications
Metallized Polypropylene Film QAF QAP
Encased Type Metallized Polypropylene Film EEH EEC

QYX is RoHS Complaint and has not been changed. EEN is RoHS Complaint and has not been changed.
However, a 6 will be put at 12th digit of type numbering system.