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Nichicon Building
+Storage-Type Solar Power System
This system converts solar energy into electricity, which it stores for later use. It employs energy storage banks with one of the largest capacities in the world today (8 MJ). These banks employ electric double layer capacitors developed by Nichicon and this system is the first of their type.
Storage Type Solar Power System

+ Double-Skin Structure
Double Skin StructureA "double-skin" structure helps to conserve energy while ensuring comfort in areas near windows. Air layers and roll-up screens effectively block heat and dampen noise.

+ Rooftop Greenery
The roof of the headquarters building is landscaped with turf and shrubs. This reduces the air conditioning load due to sunlight and helps relieve the urban "heat island" effect.
  + Total Heat Exchanger
The total heat exchanger reduces the volume of external air that must be introduced into the system and boosts operating efficiency by collecting waste heat produced by the air conditioning system.

+ Ice Thermal Storage System
This system makes ice at night, when electricity charges are lower, and uses the ice during the day as coolant for the air conditioning equipment. The result is increased cooling efficiency with reduced use of electricity.

+ High-efficiency Lighting Fixtures
The use of low-power fluorescent lamps, which disperse light and are easy on the eyes, and high-efficiency lighting fixtures helps keep power consumption down.

+ Daytime Sunlight-Linked Control
Lighting inside the office is controlled using sensors that track ambient light levels. Power consumption is lowered by reducing artificial lighting when natural light is sufficient.

+ Natural Ventilation
Natural ventilation windows can be opened in the spring and autumn, when the air is cool. The use of natural ventilation is another way to reduce energy consumption from air conditioning.

Overview of Facilities
Site area 836.01m2
Building footprint area 749.75m2
Total floor space 6,118.23m2
Floors 8 aboveground, 1 belowground

Overview of Facilities
Incoming transformed power 3-phase, 3-line, 6.6 kV
Electrical generator Diesel generator (emergency power supply),
200 kVA
Air conditioner heat source 14 electrical heat pumps
6 heat storage units (Eco-Ice)
Water supply 1 water supply line
Lighting Lighting control with illuminance and motion sensors
Monitoring system Central monitoring system
Elevators 2 passenger elevators (15-person capacity each)
1 emergency elevator (17-person capacity)
Escalators 1 escalator

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