Research and Development
Building the Future with Advanced Technology
At Nichicon, we aim to be a “strong partner” for our customers in the development of new products. It is our motto to respond promptly to our customers’ demands and develop products that function at a consistently high level. For this purpose, we have constructed an integrated research and development framework covering all aspects from material research to final product development in the respective fields of “capacitors for electronics,” “circuit products,” and “capacitors for electric apparatus and power utilities.” The research & development and production sectors collaborate closely to put new technologies to practical use and achieve commercialization as quickly as possible.
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
We are working toward production of dielectric materials with larger capacitance.
The performance of an aluminum electrolytic capacitor is determined by the properties of its electrode foil and electrolyte solutions. Nichicon possesses the leading technological prowess in the industry in the area of “etching”. This is a technique used to enlarge the surface area of electrode foils, “chemical treatment” for generating dielectrics, and “electrolyte development.” We are constantly studying the development of new materials for electrode foils and methods to enlarge the surface area to achieve larger capacitance.
Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
We are continuing to add to its polymer offering by introducing new series with lower and lower ESR while retaining the small sizes with large capacitances!
We have been targeting low ESR and high reliability product through improved element design by developing conductive polymer materials as well as other component materials for Conductive Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors. By using our specific technology cultivated with our extensive history with aluminum electrolytic capacitors, we can meet the future market demands.
Electric Double Layer Capacitors
We promote the commercialization and application development of high-capacity products.
We engage in various research and development activities to further optimize the characteristics of these high-capacity and high-output products. At the same time, we are working on application development and making active efforts toward expanding the range of applications for which these products are used, all the time ensuring that the user maintains complete freedom at mounting.
Plastic Film Capacitors
We are committed to size reduction as well as improving safety and reliability.
In order to support higher-density electronic circuits, we are working toward the development of thinner dielectric films that substantiate size reduction. We have been developing film capacitors with long life, high reliability and high safety used in inverter units for driving the motors for EV and HEV.
Positive Thermistors
We engage in ongoing materials research to achieve higher device performance.
We conduct research on changes in the electrical properties of thermistors caused by material composition, and based on these results we pursue ongoing development, size reduction, and improvement of the yield ratio of high-performance devices. In the future, we will push forward our examination of synthetization and the sintering reactions of materials to achieve even higher levels of performance.

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