Research and Development
Building the Future with Advanced Technology
At Nichicon, we aim to be a “strong partner” for our customers in the development of new products. It is our motto to respond promptly to our customers’ demands and develop products that function at a consistently high level. For this purpose, we have constructed an integrated research and development framework covering all aspects from material research to final product development in the respective fields of “capacitors for electronics,” “circuit products,” and “capacitors for electric apparatus and power utilities.” The research & development and production sectors collaborate closely to put new technologies to practical use and achieve commercialization as quickly as possible.
Switching Power Supplies
Our development goals are higher efficiency, higher power factors, and more power savings.
We always make certain to take efficient noise countermeasures that may be considered the lifeline of switching power supplies, as well as promote product development aimed at higher efficiencies and higher power factors. Moreover, we focus our efforts on developing products with lower power consumption, thus helping to preserve the environment.
Function Modules
We have been concentrating our constituent technologies in the development of key environmental devices for automotive applications.
We focus on applying the know-how obtained through our constituent technologies related to materials, micro-fabrication, implementation, connection, and other areas to the development of novel products that address the current needs for high-density mounting. We are now working toward the development of automotive applications like battery chargers, DC-DC converters and inverter units used for driving the motor.

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