The Nichicon Group's CSR Charter (Enacted December, 2005)
CSR Principles
Nichicon Group recognizes that the Group’s highest priority is to fulfill CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in all aspects of management as a good corporate citizen and to work cooperatively with all people in the future. We fully understand and abide by the intent and spirit of all applicable laws and international regulations in our business activities, and we conform our behavior to the ethical standards of society.

Action policy
1. As a good corporate citizen, our group will advance our business activities to harmonize with society under the motto “Whole-heartedly” ”With heart and soul”.
(1) When offering our products and services, we will always keep in mind that we shall provide customer satisfaction, secure the quality/safety/reliability of our products, and consider the environmental impact.
(2) We shall comply with the Nichicon Group Codes of Conduct enacted in October 2002; practice fair, transparent, free competition, as well as abide by applicable laws; and conduct wholesome and faithful business according to social ethics.
(3) We shall esteem the history and culture of the local region and all countries of the world, strive to maintain good communication with all people, and contribute to the development and the prosperity/harmony of the regional economy through our business activities.

2. We shall aim for harmony with the environment in order to attain the goals of Harmonious Coexistence with the Global Environment and a Society Sensitive to Humankind and the Environment.
(1) Based on the Nichicon Group’s Environmental Charter enacted in December 1997, we shall strive in every aspect of our business activities to take care of this irreplaceable earth.
(2) Not only do we advance technical development that will help us provide an ecologically friendly product but we also strive for sustainable environmental improvement.

3. With the key words, “Respect a person’s life and dignity by improving his/her ability” as our fundamental policy, we shall aim for building an agreeable workplace free from discrimination.
(1) In our business with all stakeholders, including our customers, we shall value the personality and fundamental human rights of all individuals.
(2) Not only will we construct a work environment where employees can work safely and comfortably, but we will also aim for a workplace where employees can demonstrate their initiative and express their creativity.

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