Codes of Conduct
 In addition to the Company Credo, the Mission Statement defines the direction and social responsibility on which every employee should be focused. In October 2002, we established the NICHICON Group Code of Conduct as guidance for director and employee observance of laws and regulations and to spread shared ethics and values.
 Since the NICHICON Group Code of Conduct was established in 2002, the Electronic Industry Code of Conduct (EICC) was created and has been revised several times. In November 2010, ISO 26000 (guidance on social responsibility) was published. We have made adjustments concerning the social responsibilities called for by the EICC and ISO 26000, and in April 2013 we issued a revised version of the NICHICON Group Code of Conduct (with Japanese /English / Chinese / Malay editions) with extensive content enhancement.
 After issuing the revised version of the code, we presented each of our employees in Japan and overseas with a Code of Conduct Understanding Checklist, to educate everyone at each business facility and ensure that they are aware of and understand the revised code. We then corrected these at the head office and returned them to the business facilities so that errors could be reviewed in order to improve understanding of the code.

Codes of Conduct
From left Nichicon Group Codes of Conduct Chinese,English,Japanese and Malay editions.

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