Relations with Shareholders and investors
■ Securing of Efficiency, Soundness, and Transparency of Management
In order to secure the efficiency, soundness, and transparency of management, and to continuously improve our corporate value while fulfilling the social responsibilities of a corporation, we have targeted the strengthening of corporate governance as one of our most important challenges.

System of corporate governance
System of corporate governance

■ Aggressive IR Activity
The Nichicon Group makes efforts to disclose corporate information and financial information at the right time. We are continuously disclosing the quarterly information of our closing accounts, giving briefing sessions to explain our closing accounts every half year, etc., and the president himself explains to our shareholders and investors the financial information and strategy of our group, etc., in an easy-to-understand manner and in detail.

In addition, we make prompt and fair information disclosure by uploading the investor information contents in our homepage, in which you can also view the brief announcement of the most recent financial statement, Annual Report, etc.

Annual Report

■ Securing of Sound Financial Structure
Without a sound financial structure, a positive business strategy that aims at further growth could not be possible. The Nichicon Group sustains a stable financial structure, and secures strong soundness with a sharholders equity ratio of 56.6%, whose average in the listed companies in japan is said to be about 50%.

■ Basic Profit-sharing Policy
The Nichicon Group recognizes that the return of profits to its shareholders is an important issue in management. At the foundations of our management are efforts to steadily increase dividends by expanding corporate value, strengthening our corporate foundations, and increasing profits.

Dividends per Share

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