Nichicon's Business Strategies
Product Strategy
Aiming for Growth in Four Target Markets with Our Three Core Product Lines

Under the slogan of “make the strong stronger,” Nichicon is aiming for expansion and growth with our three core product lines of “Aluminum electrolytic capacitors,” “Film capacitors,” and “Circuit products”. In order to achieve this goal, the idea of “selection and consolidation” becomes important in the markets we choose to focus on and cultivate within our three core product lines.
For this reason, Nichicon has focused its attention on four target markets that show significant growth: “Energy, Ecology & Medical equipment” (that are energy-generating / energy-storing / energy-saving and growing field for the future), “Automotive & Railway-car related appliances” (such as EV, HV and railway-car), “Home appliances & Industrial inverters” (contribute to power saving and energy saving , that are integral parts of our affluent lives and modern societies) and “Information & Communications equipment” (such as personal computers and tablet-type devices.).

Nichicon is committed to further reinforcing its business capacities to accommodate customer demands in these markets to the greatest extent possible. We cooperate closely with our customers, delivering highly customized and individual proposals and sales solutions. Moreover, by developing differentiated products with higher reliability, safety, and functionality to offer improved competitiveness, we are able to achieve a tighter symbiotic relationship with our customers.

Aiming for Growth in Four Target Markets with Our Three Core Product Lines

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