Nichicon's Business Strategies
Global Strategy
Promoting Reinforcement of Production Capacity in Growing Fields, Primarily in the Asian Region

We are promoting a general upgrade of our global production/sales systems.

Currently, our sales networks have expanded to the US, Austria, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India(Bangalore, Delhi, Pune), various areas of China (Shanghai, Dalian, Wuxi, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Taiwan), and Korea Production bases have been established in Malaysia (for aluminum electrolytic capacitors), as well as at Wuxi (for aluminum electrolytic capacitors and circuit products), and Suqian (for aluminum electrolytic capacitors and conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors) in China. As part of this expansion, our production and sales systems for priority products in China were completely upgraded. Moreover, our production bases in Japan and in overseas locations complement each other in terms of the items produced, thus avoiding the risks of concentrating too much on any one specific region.

Nichicon’s ratio of overseas sales already 59.6% (As of March 31, 2019), but we plan to increase this ratio even further and establish an absolute leading position in the global market.

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