News Release October 5, 2017

Nichicon Wins Semi-Grand Prix in CEATEC AWARD 2017
for "Tribrid Energy Storage System"

 NICHICON CORPORATION won a Semi-Grand Prix in the “community innovation” category for its tribrid energy storage system as a part of the CEATEC AWARD 2017 presentation. The system won this award for “contributing to the resolution of problems and the development of communities and societies that are safe, secure, comfortable, optimized and functionally advanced through the application of sophisticated networks, including mobility, distribution, commerce, public systems, energy, management of energy and urban environments, and new business styles.”

 CEATEC AWARDS are bestowed for technologies, products, services and systems that exhibit a particularly high level of innovation, from those products on display at CEATEC JAPAN. Through the award, CEATEC JAPAN disseminates information within Japan and overseas and calls attention to items being exhibited at the tradeshow.

 The award-winning tribrid energy storage system represents an altogether new ecosystem, comprising three batteries: a solar cell, a storage battery and a large-capacity electric vehicle (EV) battery. The electricity generated by the solar cell can be used in the home or stored, but it can also be used to run EVs. In addition, its highly efficient design provides a DC link to the three batteries. In the event of a power outage, the storage battery and the EV’s large-capacity battery can be used as backup, providing even greater peace of mind.
 The system was selected for the award based on the following evaluation. “This is a unique ecosystem comprising three batteries—a solar cell, a storage battery and a large-capacity EV battery. The DC link between the three batteries (solar cell + storage battery + EV battery) minimizes conversion loss, allowing the highly efficient movement of electricity between storage batteries. In addition, the storage battery and large-capacity EV battery serve as backup during power outages. The product is slated for commercialization in 2018, and is expected to promote the stable and safe use of batteries in the home.”

 Encouraged by this award, NICHICON will step up its efforts, putting all its energies into providing products that contribute to society.

Tribrid energy storage system on exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2017

Tribrid energy storage system on exhibit at CEATEC JAPAN 2017
Upper right: Tribrid power converter; center right: storage unit; center: V2H stand

Award ceremony: Makuhari Messe

Award ceremony: Makuhari Messe
Right: Vice Chairman Mitani, The Institute of Image Information and Television Engineers
Left: General Manager Sato, NECST Business Headquarters, NICHICON CORPORATION

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