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Expansion of Highly Reliable Tantalum Electrolytic Capacitor Lineup

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Contact: Masato Tanabe, General Manager of Technical & Engineering Headquarters

NICHICON CORPORATION has developed the "F97 Series", a highly reliable resin-mold type 135°C-resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitor. This new device is targeted for control circuit boards for automotive engine control devices, transmission control devices, etc. that are used in high-temperature environments such as inside engine rooms. It can also be used for in-vehicle electric subsystems, such as, electric power steering, headlights, and ABS. In addition to these applications, this product can accommodate a wide range of demands in the industrial device field which requires operation under high temperatures.

We are pursuing development of low ESR(*) / flame resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitors and tantalum electrolytic capacitors with safety mechanisms. This is due to the growing demands for improved reliability in many safety-related application areas. This is not only in the in-vehicle electric device/industrial device fields, but also in the general consumer device field, where size reduction and sophistication are advancing quickly.

We will exhibit these products at "CEATEC JAPAN 2011," which is being held at Makuhari Messe from October 4 (Tuesday) to 8 (Saturday).

Overview/Background of Development

Recently, due to the dramatic advancement of car electronics, the electronic control systems mounted inside vehicles have become highly intelligent and multifunctional which has lead to a rapid increase in the number of components used. As a consequence, electronic control systems are now also required to save space and reduce weight.

In order to reduce weight and keep the number of wire harnesses to a minimum while accommodating increased numbers of electronic control systems within the limited space of a car body, circuit boards are now being mounted within the engine room or directly on the engine. Therefore the components are required to function in severe environments, such as high temperature, humidity, and strong vibration. Subsequently the capacitors mounted on the circuit boards are now required to operate at higher temperature conditions with higher reliability.

Conventional capacitors that are resistant to temperatures up to 125°C have issues with sufficient reliability, whereas capacitors resistant up to 150°C have issues with inefficient capacitance and case sizes that are too large. In order to meet the market demand, we commercialized the highly reliable "F97 Series" resin-mold type tantalum electrolytic capacitor, which is resistant to temperatures up to 135°C and exhibits stable electric properties at 135°C even though the size structure is the same as for our 125°C-resistant capacitors.

Moreover, in the consumer device field, the diffusion of compact and intelligent mobile devices, such as, smartphones and tablet PC's has advanced. The capacitors mounted in such devices are now not only required to be compact and highly efficient, but also to be highly reliable.

Our "low ESR/flame resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitors" and "tantalum electrolytic capacitors with safety mechanism" were developed to meet the market needs for devices exhibiting high security against failures (short-circuits, etc.).


Building upon the advanced know-how we have accumulated so far, the "F97 Series" highly reliable resin-mold type 135°C-resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitor provides optimal production conditions of internal capacitor elements and allows usage in high-temperature environments due to the use of highly temperature-resistant external resin materials and electrode terminal component materials.

Our new "low ESR/flame resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitors" were developed using our proprietary "FRAMELESS™" face-down electrode techniques, in which cathode materials, cathode forming conditions, etc. are optimized in order to reduce ESR and improve resistance against inrush and ripple currents. These techniques help obtain a higher safety performance (flame resistance) which is required for power supply circuit applications. Furthermore, we' also achieve our well-known high-dimensional precision and high volumetric efficiency with low-stress packaging.

Additionally, using our "FRAMELESS™" face-down electrode techniques, we have developed a series of "tantalum electrolytic capacitors with safety mechanisms" that can handle capacitor failures (short-circuits, etc.) at a much higher mounting efficiency than conventional products. Conventional capacitors with a fuse have the disadvantage of low volumetric efficiency due to the built-in fuse, which means that the mounting efficiency tends to be low. We adopted our proprietary structure to build in a safety mechanism without compromising the volumetric efficiency, and achieved compact and high-capacitance devices that protect circuit boards from the risks of ignition and burnout while maintaining high volumetric efficiency (rated capacitance). We are planning to ship samples starting this Fall.

Main Specifications
High-reliable resin mold-type high-temperature resistant products (135°C)
Rated voltage range : 6.3 to 35V
Rated capacitance range : 0.47 to 100microF
Category temperature range : -55 to +135°C
Product size : A Case 3.2 1.6 1.8 mm maximum
B Case 3.5 2.8 2.1 mm maximum
C Case 6.0 3.2 2.7 mm maximum
N Case 7.3 4.3 3.0 mm maximum
Sample : Being scheduled
Mass-production : Currently mass producing with supply volume of 5 million units / month
690-2, Miozato, Adogawa-cho, Takashima-shi, Shiga Pref., 520-1215 Japan
(Obtained ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 certifications)

* Explanation of terms ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance): Resistance when the impedance of a capacitor is expressed as a series circuit of equivalent resistance and reactance <JIS C 5602>


"F97 Series"high-reliable resin mold-type 135°C-resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitor

< "F97 Series" high-reliable resin mold-type 135°C-resistant tantalum electrolytic capacitor >
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