Product News September 24, 2012

Development of the Industry's first Guaranteed Operation of 2,000 hours at 135°C: the "CX Series" Chip-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with -40°C ESR

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Nichicon Corporation has developed the CX series chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. With the industry's first guaranteed operation of 2,000 hours at 135°C and -40°C ESR*2 regulated (when new and after 1,000 hours at 135°C in endurance testing), the CX series is ideally suited for use in electronic devices in vehicles, especially those in ECUs*1 that are mounted in engine compartments. The line-up will be on display at the CEATEC JAPAN 2012 exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe from 2-6 October (Tues-Sat).


Background of Development

In their quest to create more pleasant automotive interior spaces, manufacturers require eco-friendly, space-saving and highly efficient ECUs and various control units as they are increasingly placed in the area of the engine compartment. In this environment, parts are needed that can resist higher temperatures, have longer life and higher ripple current resistance. At the same time, greater capacitance and compactness are also sought.
In addition to tolerating severe use environments, the CX series line up also responds to demands for greater equipment compactness by allowing surface mounting.


Main Features

Based on technology developed by Nichicon, this product applies a new separator and a new electrolyte solution that uses a low evaporation solvent and is assembled with optimal components. This has enabled us to create a low temperature ESR specification from the current 125°C low temperature ESR chip CZ series that is resistant to high temperatures and stable. In terms of endurance, the CX series has a longer life guarantee of 2,000 hours at 135°C.
Moreover, in order to handle the vibrations that are characteristic of onboard automotive applications, including engine bays, we have made vibration resistant construction possible for the entire series.


Main Specifications

Rated voltage range : 10 to 35V
Rated capacitance range : 47 to 470μF
Product dimensions : φ6.3 × 10L, φ8 × 10L, φ10 × 10L(mm)(3sizes)
Endurance : 2,000 hours guaranteed at 135°C

ESR (-40°C100kHz)
  Initial value After 1,000 hour
endurance test
φ6.3 × 10L 0.25Ω 15Ω
φ8 × 10L 0.2Ω 12Ω
φ10 × 10L 0.15Ω 10Ω
Sample availability : October 2012
Mass production : from April 2013
8-17-1, Kubo, Iwate-cho Iwate-gun, Iwate, Pref., 028-4305 Japan
(ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 14001 certified)
*1 ECU (Engine Control Unit)
*2 ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance)

Actual image

<The Industry's first Guaranteed Operation of 2,000 hours at 135°C: the CX series Chip-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with -40°C ESR>

<The Industry's first Guaranteed Operation of 2,000 hours at 135°C
: the CX series Chip-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with -40°C ESR>

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