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Development of the Compact, High Withstand Voltage "NU Series", Screw Terminal-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Guaranteed to Operate at 105°C

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Nichicon Corporation, has recently developed the NU series of screw terminal-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors that will be used mainly in high voltage inverter circuits for power electronics and various industrial machinery. They are compact, have a high withstand voltage, and are guaranteed to operate at +105°C . They will go into mass production starting in October.
The line-up will be on display at the CEATEC JAPAN 2012 exhibition to be held at Makuhari Messe from 2-6 October (Tues-Sat).


Overview, Background of Development

As systems require increasingly higher voltage due to advances in efficiency and energy saving features of machinery in the industrial sector, demand is also growing for screw terminal-type capacitors used in control circuits of inverter power sources to withstand high rated voltages of 500V or more, and have longer life. In response to the rise in withstand voltages, advances in miniaturization and longer life of such control circuits, we developed the compact, high withstand voltage NU series; screw terminal-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors guaranteed to operate at +105°C . Given the fact that there is a particularly high demand for products with high withstand voltages in the fields of solar and wind power generation and other fields relating to renewable energy, the NU series will also offer specifications optimized to these needs.


Main Features

The NU series not only utilizes highly reliable electrode films with high withstand voltage oxide films, but it also has long term stability, electrolytic solution with enhanced film restoring capacity at high voltages, and low density, high withstand voltage, electrolysis paper. It also has a structure to enhance heat dissipation giving the series greater ability to withstand high voltages and a longer life compared to the current screw terminal-type NT series guaranteed to operate at +105°C .
Regarding products with a rated voltage of 500V, the new series is approximately 20 to 30% smaller than the NT series, and it will contribute to the miniaturization and weight reduction of devices.
Furthermore, in response to large load fluctuations in industrial machinery, we implemented our unique, highly appraised rapid charge-discharge technology to achieve high reliability, enabling the capacitors to be used, for example, in AC servo motors that require repeated rapid charging and discharging over short periods of time.
Finally, we believe that the enhancement of the ability to withstand high voltages will enable the capacitors to be used extensively for stabilizing power sources for machinery in regions with poor voltage and power source conditions in which the input voltage fluctuates.


Sample comparison
Comparison at Same Rated Voltage

Rated Voltage Series Size Guaranteed Life
500 V 2,700μF NU series
(New series)
φ76.2 × 105L 5,000 hours
NT series
(Current series)
φ76.2 × 130L 2,000 hours
Approx. -20%
2.5 times

[Sample comparison between the series: e.g. 500V 2,700μF]


Main Specifications

Rated voltage : 500V, 525V
Rated capacitance range : 680 to 8,200μF
Product dimensions : φ51 × 75 L mm to φ90 × 205 L
Endurance : 5,000 hours at +105°C
Configuration : Screw terminal-type

Sample availability : Being prepared
Mass production : Scheduled to supply 10,000 units / from October 2012
4085 Toyoshina, Azumino-shi, Nagano Pref., 399-8205 Japan
(ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 certified)

Actual image

<Compact, High Withstand Voltage NU Series, Screw Terminal-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Guaranteed to Operate at +105°C>

<Compact, High Withstand Voltage NU Series, Screw Terminal-type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Guaranteed to Operate at +105°C >


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