Product News May 18, 2015

Nichicon Corporation announces the development of the CV Series. Acompact, high-capacity, low-impedance chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitor guaranteed to operate for 2,000 hours at 105°C, the lowest temperature for a capacitor in the industry. The CV Series is ideal for meeting the compactness and high-performance needs of the electronic modules used in all home appliances and in-vehicle applications. The CV Series will be displayed at Techno-Frontier 2015, held May 20 (Wednesday) to 22 (Friday) at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

Development Background

As the demand for higher density PCB’s increases in consumer electronics and electronic-related equipment, chip-type capacitors are seeing a growing demand. These capacitors must have superior qualities for low noise and low impedance. The demand for higher-density board mounting is being driven by the appliances move to more compact and high-performance mance requirements. This is spurring a greater need for low impedance capacitors as well as capacitors that are more compact and higher capacity.
With the CV Series added to its lineup, Nichicon can not only respond to the needs for surface mounting, which enables high density mounting; it can also contribute to meet the ever-growing need to make set equipment that is smaller, lighter, and less complex for use in digital appliances and in-vehicle applications.

Main Features

The CV Series builds on Nichicon’s current technology, making use of optimized materials, including high amplification foil, thin cathode foil, and thin electrolytic paper, which together enable it to achieve the highest capacity level ever in the industry, beyond even Nichicon’s current CM Series (105°C low-impedance chip-type capacitor). With the development of the CV Series, Nichicon can contribute to set equipment that is small, highly efficient, and has fewer parts per unit. The CV Series has a guaranteed life of 2,000 hours at 105°C.

Comparison of CV Series and CM Series

Size Rated voltage/Rated capacitance Capacitance ratio
CV Series
(Newly developed series)
CM Series
(Current series)
Φ6.3×7.7L mm 25V-330μF 25V-220μF ×1.5
Φ8×10L mm 35V-470μF 35V-330μF ×1.4
Φ10×10L mm 35V-680μF 35V-560μF ×1.2

Main Specifications

  • Rated voltage range

: 25V to 35V

  • Rated capacitance range

: 220 to 1,000μF

  • Product dimensions

: From Φ6.3×7.7Lmm to Φ10×10Lmm (3 sizes)

  • Endurance

: 2,000 hours at 105°C guaranteed

  • Samples

: Available now

  • Production capacity

: Available now; 2 million units/month

  • Production plant

: Nichicon (Iwate) Corporation
8-17-1, Kubo, Iwate-cho, Iwate-gun, Iwate-ken 028-4305 Japan
ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001 certified

  • CV Series of chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors with industry’s lowest impedance
  • CV Series of chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors
    with industry’s lowest impedance

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