Product News October 5, 2015

Nichicon Corporation has developed a new electrolyte solution for aluminum electrolytic capacitors that is capable of withstanding voltages of 750V and higher with operating temperatures of 105°C. The primary applications for this product will include high-voltage converters. With proprietary mass-production technology in place, Nichicon expects to release this new 105°C, 750V-rated products in the near future.
The company will be explaining the technology behind this electrolyte at CEATEC JAPAN 2015 from October 7 to 10 (Wed.-Sat.) at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan.

Development Background

Nichicon embarked early on in the development of capacitors with high withstand voltage, and in 2005 began mass-production of a screw terminal type aluminum electrolytic capacitor capable of operating at 85°C and a withstanding voltage of 750V.
The market continues to demand increasingly higher voltages as well as greater power and efficiency. Greater reliability and the ability to withstand higher temperatures are critical to the expected increase in performance expected of power electronic products. Nichicon conducted a joint research project with Japan’s Mie University in the development of the 105°C, 750V electrolyte. The development was based on a concept of design and synthesis at the molecular level to achieve the higher voltage electrolytic solutions.

Main Features

A new diacid was designed and synthesized at the molecular level for the new electrolyte. The result was an optimal molecular structure able to withstand high voltages and high temperatures.
By using this newly developed electrolyte, it is now possible to realize aluminum electrolytic capacitors capable of withstanding voltages of 750V and higher and operating at 105°C, a step up from the previous 85°C, 750-V rated products.
Nichicon is accelerating our development efforts in order to offer products that have a withstand voltage of 800V and higher.

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