Product News September 27, 2016

Nichicon Corporation is expanding its UBY Series of aluminum electrolytic capacitors with 63 to 100 V-rated voltage products. These products will be displayed at CEATEC JAPAN 2016, held October 4 (Tuesday) to 7 (Friday) at MakuhariMesse

Overview/Development Background

The auto industry's recent adoption of electronic controls has called for the placement of ECUs (Engine Control Unit) inside the cabin or near the engine compartment. There are also demands for higher efficiency in order to enhance comfort and protect the environment when it comes to electronic components, this means high temperature, high capacity, high ripple current and high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
In response to these demands, Nichicon added the increased rated voltage range UBY Series to its product lineup.


With superior high temperature performance, high capacity and a high ripple current rating, the UBY Series is optimized for automotive onboard electronics applications. The voltage rating of these products exceeds the capacity of Nichicon's current UBT Series by up to 1.8 times. This is made possible by the corresponding voltage expansion of our high-capacitance electrolytic foil and internal structure optimization. In addition, the UBY Series features a high ripple current up to 2.2 times that of the UBT Series, the result of high-performance electrolytes that maintain excellent stability even at high temperature ranges. These elements, when combined, will enable further contributions to space-saving, high-efficiency automobile control units.

Comparison of Electrical Characteristics in the Same Size

Rated voltage(V) Case Size
φD L (mm)
Capacitance (µF) Allowable Ripple Current (mAms)
(at 125C 100 kHz)
UBT(Current) UBY(New) Increase UBT(Current) UBY(New) Increase
63 12.5 20 220 390 1.8 1,050 1,640 1.6
12.5 25 330 560 1.7 1,290 2,520 2.0
80 12.5 25 220 390 1.8 1,240 2,520 2.0
12.5 31.5 330 510 1.5 1,390 3,110 2.2
100 16 25 220 390 1.8 1,500 2,940 2.0
16 31.5 330 470 1.4 1,790 3,860 2.2

Main SpecificationsNote: Parenthesis indicate expanded ratings

  • Rated voltage range

: 25 to 100V (63 to 100V)

  • Rated capacitance range

: 160 to 12000μF (160 to 560μF)

  • Category temperature range

: -40 to +135C

  • Product dimensions

: φ12.520L to φ1840L (mm)

  • Life

: 3,000 hours at 125C guaranteed
2,000 hours at 135C guaranteed [63 to 100V] (allowable ripple current derating)
3,000 hours at 135C guaranteed [25 to 50V] (allowable ripple current derating)

  • Terminal shape

: Radial lead

  • Samples

: Available October 2016

  • Production capacity

: 1 million units/month from December 2016

  • Production plant

: Nichicon (Ohno) Corporation
1-11-2 Shimoyoro, Ohno-shi, Fukui-ken 912-0095 Japan
(ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 certification acquired)

  • Addition and Expansion of New Standards for UBY Series High Heat/High Capacity High Ripple Current Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Addition and Expansion of New Standards for UBY Series High Heat/High Capacity
    High Ripple Current Radial Lead Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

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