Product News October 3, 2016

Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (Director General: Teruo Fujii) and NICHICON CORPORATION (Chairman: Ippei Takeda) have entered into an alliance to promote comprehensive collaborative research agreement. The purpose of this alliance is to develop local forms of energy production for local consumption, contributing to the creation of a smart society.
 This accord targets the development of next-generation devices employing groundbreaking new technologies and innovative techniques that cannot be achieved simply through the expansion of existing technologies. It will focus on the development of smaller and higher-performance next-generation Nichicon Energy Control System Technology (NECST) products that are operating at higher frequencies than conventional SiC(Silicon Carbide), GaN(Gallium Nitride) and other power semiconductors. We aim to create new value and cultivate human resources to handle new business launches. In an era when manufacturers are being called on to achieve even higher quality levels, the agreement aims to promote innovative development that makes use of simulation technologies employing scientific principles and large amounts of data; and the creation of production processes. The team will be investigating areas that would accelerate the development and quality for NICHICON’s capacitors and modules. In applications like NICHICON’s power storage systems, and V2H and other NECST products, helping to maintain cost competitiveness.
 To make these initiatives a reality, the two entities have formed a comprehensive collaborative industry–academia research alliance employing flexible and dynamic operational procedures.

  • Left: Ippei Takeda, Chairman, NICHICON; right: Teruo Fujii,Director General,University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science
  • Left: Ippei Takeda, Chairman, NICHICON; right: Teruo Fujii, Director General,Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

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