Product News April 18, 2017

The Nichicon Corporation expanded its product line with the addition of the 450V-rated LAS Series of snap-in terminal miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors. These capacitors are designed to allow for abnormal voltage and are guaranteed for 2,000 hours at 105°C. These products are an intended to increase safety by preventing short circuits and fires caused by DC overvoltage. This makes them ideal for equipment used in regions where power supplies are unstable.
 These products will be displayed at TECHNO-FRONTIER 2017, held April 19 (Wednesday) to 21 (Friday).

Overview/Development Background

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are commonly used as primary side smoothing capacitors for switching power supplies. However, when used in regions where electric power conditions may fluctuate or when internal circuit components malfunction, abnormal voltage may be applied to the capacitor. As a result there is a demand for permissible abnormal voltage products that are failsafe and do not short circuit or cause a fire even when abnormal stress is applied to the capacitor. In recent years, in addition to the advance of higher voltage systems in line with advances in efficiency and energy conservation, demand is on the rise for aluminum electrolytic capacitors capable of withstanding high-rated voltages. Up to now, the LAS Series lineup of snap-in terminal miniature aluminum electrolytic capacitors for permissible abnormal voltage guaranteed for 2,000 hours at 105°C have been rated at 420V. The new additions to this series are rated at 450V, the world’s highest rating. With this lineup expansion, Nichicon will propose products with specifications optimized for machinery used overseas in regions where power supplies are unstable.


The LAS Series 450V rating improves voltage resistance from the material level by using highly reliable electrode foil with improved withstand voltage performance. In addition it uses an electrolytic solution which corresponds to the withstand voltage that suppresses self-discharge by raising the withstand voltage and withstand voltage electrolysis paper suitable for high withstand voltage. Furthermore, in terms of stress from abnormal voltage, we achieved the world’s highest class of abnormal voltage performance by employing a voltage resistant structure that ensures internal elements of the affected part do not experience excessive loads.
 By raising the rated voltage of existing products, they are now able to permit up to 675V of abnormal voltage, an increase of 45V of safety performance compared to previous products. In addition, increasing to a 450V rating enables the coverage of voltage ranges for power supplies worldwide. In turn, this enables compatibility with high-voltage power supply voltages and power supply smoothing in regions where power supply conditions enable input voltage fluctuation, which is expected to have wide ranging applications.

Main Specifications Note: Parentheses indicate expanded ratings.

  • Rated voltage range

: 400V–420V–450V (450V)

  • Rated capacitance range

: 56 to 390μF(68 to 330μF)

  • Category temperature range

: -25 to +105°C

  • Product dimensions

: φ22 × 20L to φ35 × 45L (mm)(φ22 × 25L to φ35 × 35L (mm))

  • Life

: Guaranteed 2,000 hours at 105°C

  • Terminal shape

: Snap-in terminal

  • Production capacity

: Planned supply structure: 2 hundred thousand units/month

  • Production plant

: Nichicon (Ohno) Corporation, Site III
4085 Toyoshina, Azumino-shi, Nagano-ken 399-8205, Japan
(ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 certification acquired)

Production is planned to commence sequentially at overseas factory:
Block 51-B, Wuxi National High & New Technology
Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China 214028
(ISO9001, ISO/TS16949, ISO14001 certification acquired)

  • Nichicon Expands Its Lineup with the Addition of the LAS Series of Snap-in Terminal Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with the World’s Highest Rating of 450V
  • Nichicon Expands Its Lineup with the Addition of the
    LAS Series of Snap-in Terminal Type
    Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors with the World’s Highest Rating of 450V

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