Product News April 27, 2017

Nichicon Corporation has, for many years, contributed to the spread of EVs (electric vehicles), FCVs (fuel-cell vehicles), and PHVs (plug-in hybrid vehicles). We have introduced products such as EV quick chargers and the EVPower Station V2H (Vehicle to Home) system.
 The company has now developed a portable V2L (Vehicle to Load) system that allows EVs, FCVs, and PHVs to be used as emergency and outdoor power sources. This new product, called the Power Mover, will go on sale in August 2017 in Japan.
 Through the creation of environmentally friendly products such as this, Nichicon is contributing to the realization of a safe and reliable low-carbon society.   

Background of Development

In recent years, in response to frequently occurring large-scale natural disasters, more and more municipal governments have been building evacuation shelters. As people gather in these shelters electricity is required to power amenities such as lighting, air conditioning, and telecommunications. Disasters also cause power outages that result in inconveniences and concerns for the population as a whole. Until the municipal power grid is restored, ways are needed to provide temporary electricity. Conventional power generators have several shortcomings; for example, they are noisy and give off exhaust fumes, as well as require a supply of fuel on hand.
 Nichicon’s Power Mover V2L system takes electricity from the large-capacity batteries of EVs, FCVs, and PHVs and converts it to 100-V alternating current. The Power Mover is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a car but has an output of 4.5kW (three sockets with maximum 1.5kW each). In emergencies, it can be put in the trunk of a vehicle and taken to where it is needed and easily operated by anyone. Thanks to the mobility of cars, the Power Mover can be used not just for emergencies but for any outdoor activities, such as picnics or camping, that require a supply of electricity.

Main Features

  • ・Available in an easily portable trunk case (with pullout handle and casters).
  • ・Provides output of 4.5kW—three sockets of 1.5kW each—for
      powering multiple electric devices simultaneously.
  • ・Easy enough for anyone to use immediately in an emergency.
  • ・Superb weather resistance and durability make it ideal for outdoor use.
  • ・Connectible to EVs, FCVs, and PHVs (that are compliant with CHAdeMo
      Association’s V2L Guideline DC Certification).
      Note: The Power Mover can only be used with cars compliant with the
      above-mentioned CHAdeMo guidelines.

Main Specifications

  • Name

: Power Mover EVPower Station

  • Model

: VPS-4C1A

  • Type

: Trunk case

  • External dimensions

: 631 (W) X 500 (D) X 302 (H) mm

  • Weight

: 36 kg

  • Output voltage

: 100 V AC

  • Maximum output

: 4.5kW (3 x 1.5kW)

  • Output terminal

: 100 V AC socket (x 3)

  • Cable length

: 2.0 meters (length from trunk case to base of connector)

 Compatible car models (planned)
Mirai (Toyota Motor Corporation)
Leaf, e-NV200 (Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.)
MiEV Series, OutlanderPHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) (Mitsubishi Motors Corporation)
 Note: The above specifications are subject to change.
 Note: The Power Mover can only be used with cars compliant with the
     above-mentioned CHAdeMo guidelines. Also, there may be limits
     on the use of the Power Mover depending on the specifications of the car.

  • Suggested retail price

: 650,000 yen (not including tax)

  • Production plant

: Nichicon Kameoka Corporation
15-1, 2-chome, Kitakose-cho, Kameoka-shi, Kyoto Prefecture, 621-0811 Japan
ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified

Overview of Nichicon Corporation

  • Head Office

: Karasumadori Oike-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0845 Japan

  • Representative

: Ippei Takeda, Chairman & CEO

  • Established

: August 1, 1950

  • Capital stock

: 14,286 million yen (As of March 31, 2016)

  • Employees

: 4,818 (As of March 31, 2016; consolidated)

  • Product lines

: Manufacture and sale of: Capacitors for electronics, electric apparatus, and power utilities; function modules; positive thermistors; switching power supplies; capacitor applied systems and equipment, etc.

  • Net sales

: 109,815 million yen (Fiscal 2016; consolidated)

Exterior view of product and example of usage (Note: photo shows a prototype of the Power Mover)

  • Powering items with the Power Mover;
    pullout handle and casters for easy portability
  • The Power Mover connected to an FCV
  • The Power Mover connected to EVs

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