Product News October 15, 2018

 NICHICON CORPORATION expands its product line with the addition of Φ12.5 to Φ18 mm size capacitors to the UCM Series of high-capacity, high-ripple current chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The new UCM capacitors meet the demands for miniaturization and high-performance in automotive-related and telecommunications equipment.
These products will be displayed at CEATEC JAPAN 2018, held at Makuhari Messe from Tuesday, October 16, to Friday, October 19.

Overview and Development Background

 With advances in electronic component surface mounting techniques in automotive-related and telecommunications equipment electronic, there has been a rising demand for chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors. In addition to demands for high-capacity capacitors as automotive-related equipment power supply backups, small, high-capacity and high-ripple current capacitors are also required for high-density mounting of telecommunications equipment.
In response to these needs, NICHICON is enhancing its lineup in the UCM series product line of chip-type aluminum electrolytic capacitors.


 Based on technologies NICHICON has developed, the new UCM series products achieve up to approximately 1.9 times higher capacity and approximately 2.1 times higher ripple current than the same size part in the UCD series. This is done by applying high-capacitance electrolytic foil and thin electrolytic paper and optimizing the combination of components and structure. Endurance is guaranteed to 5,000 hours at 105C. The introduction of this product will contribute to equipment space-saving and an even higher level of performance.

Comparison of Electrical Characteristics of Same-Sized Products

Rated voltage
Case size
Capacitance(μF) Rated Ripple current (mArms)
(at 105C 100kHz)
UCD Series
(Current product)
UCM Series
(New product)
Increase UCD Series
(Current product)
UCM Series
(New product)
35 12.513.5 680 910 1.3 1100 1420 1.3
   1616.5 1000 1800 1.8 1800 1910 1.1
63 12.513.5 220 360 1.6 800 1250 1.6
   1616.5 470 620 1.3 1410 1740 1.2
100 12.513.5 68 130 1.9 500 1050 2.1
   1616.5 150 240 1.6 793 1500 1.9

Main Specifications

Note: Figures in parenthesis indicates expanded rating

  • Rated voltage range

: 6.3 to 50V (25 to 100V)

  • Rated capacitance range

: 10 to 5100μF (130 to 5100μF)

  • Category temperature range

: -55 to +105C

  • Product dimensions

: Φ4 5.8L to Φ18 21.5L(Φ12.5 13.5L to Φ18 21.5L)

  • Life

: 105C 2,000 hours guaranteed [Φ45.8L to Φ1010L]
105C 5,000 hours guaranteed [Φ12.513.5L to Φ1821.5L]

  • Terminal shape

: Chip type

  • Samples

: (Expanded rating products) from October 2018

  • Mass production

: (Expanded rating products) from March 2018
[Planned production volume: 1 million/month]

  • Production plant

[Φ12.5 to Φ18 size product production]
1-11-2 Shimoyoro, Ohno-shi, Fukui Prefecture
(ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified)

[Φ4 to Φ10 size product production]
8-17-1, Kubo, Iwate-cho Iwate-gun, Iwate Prefecture
(ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified)

  • Expanding the UCM Series of Chip-Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
    with the addition of Φ12.5 to Φ18 mm Size Capacitors

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