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 NICHICON CORPORATION was first in the industry to develop and launch a household energy storage system back in 2012, More than 50,000 units (as of December 2018) have been sold making NICHICON a leading company in household energy storage systems. With the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) policy ending in November 2019, NICHICON has developed and will introduce a large-capacity single-function energy storage system optimized for household consumption of electricity generated by solar power.
 This system will be displayed at the 9th International Smart Grid Expo, from Wednesday, February 27, to Friday, March 1, at Tokyo Big Sight.

Planning and Development Background

According to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, 560,000 residences have already installed solar power generation systems and it is estimated that solar power generation systems will be installed in about 200,000 residences each year.
 The FIT period users can still use lights, refrigerators, LCD TVs, mobile phone chargers and other devices during normal energy usage periods while being prepared for emergency situations such as blackouts caused by earthquakes, typhoons and torrential rainstorms.
 At the same time, a cabinet decision was made on a 2019 budget proposal for “project subsidies for promoting the introduction of energy storage systems that can be utilized in times of disaster” to enable the use of household renewable energy in times of emergency.


Large-capacity 16.6 kWh single-function energy storage system optimized for household consumption of electric power.
The ESS-U2X1 large-capacity single-function energy storage system developed by NICHICON has the industry’s largest energy storage capacity, the ideal product for users who already installed a solar power generation system and want to shift from selling electricity to using it in the home. A maximum of up to 30 hours of usage is possible (based on an average 480W of household power consumption). By using electricity generated by solar power during the daytime and storing the excess in the storage system to use at night, we aim for complete self-sufficiency “by generating, storing and using electricity.

Safety settings in emergency situations

With a large capacity of 16.6 kWh, normal storage is possible without the need to store additional power for emergency situations. When a power outage occurs, the home continues to receive power for approximately nine hours (factory settings are 30% for emergency set to about 5 kWh, settings can be adjusted by the customer). After the Great Hanshin and Great East Japan earthquakes, 2-3 days were needed to restore electric power, but this product’s safety setting stores a sufficient amount of electricity for emergency situations, when combined with daytime solar power generation.

Connection to various solar power generation systems

This single-function unit can be connected to a wide range of photovoltaic power generators in Japan and overseas. It is possible to install units into homes where solar power generators are already installed, enabling customers to begin living with energy self-sufficiency.

Long-term warranty for disaster compensation is an additional benefit

We not only offer a 10-year warranty, but also 10 years of disaster compensation. We provide, at no cost, service to correct problems including flood damage, lightning strikes, fire and wind damage.

Target customers

·Existing solar power generation system users aiming for energy self-sufficiency after the end or the FIT period in November 2019. ·Purchases aimed at saving energy and disaster countermeasures among newer users who have installed solar power generation systems.

Product concept

·With the industry's largest capacity of 16.6 kWh, it is able to store abundant electricity generated by solar power. ·Single-function unit is compatible with existing solar panels ·In preparation for emergencies, store a sufficient amount of electricity (can be used for approximately nine hours on initial factory setting of 30%) ·The main unit has a 10-year long-term warranty (5-year warranty on the indoor remote control) and a 10-year disaster compensation guarantee ·24-hour maintenance and support

  • ■Planned sales launch

: May 2019

  • ■Sales target

: 10,000 units per year

  • ■Manufacturer’s suggested retail price

: ¥4,000,000 (excluding tax)

Product image

  • Industry’s largest 16.6 kWh single-function energy storage system (ESS-U2X1)


External dimensionsW 1060 x H 1250 x D 300 mm (storage unit)
W 170 x H 140 x D 23.1 mm
(indoor remote control)
Weight234 kg (storage unit)
320 g (indoor remote control)
Storage battery ratingsBattery typeLithium-ion storage battery
Storage capacity16.6 kWh (storage unit)
Initial effective capacity of storage battery14.3 kWh (according to JEM1511)
Battery compositionOne module = 8 series 1 parallel, all 6 modules in series configuration
Rated voltage rangeDC 176.6V (input power range: DC 148.8–199.2 V)
Grid connection
operation rating
Rated output3.0 kW ± 5%
Rated output voltageAC 202 V (Single phase 2 wire type, however, connection is single phase 3 wire type)
Output voltage range /
rated frequency
AC 202 V ± 20 V/50 or 60 Hz
Unnecessary radiationVCCI class B compliance
Independent output
Max output2.0 kVA ± 5%
Max currentUp to 20 A
Output electric systemSingle phase 2 wire type
Rated output frequency50 or 60 Hz
Main circuit systemInverter conversion methodInterconnection operation: Self-excited voltage type current control system
Independent operation: Self-excited voltage type voltage control system
Switching methodSine wave PWM method
Insulation methodNon-insulated transformer method
Cooling methodForced air cooling system
Rated output available timeIndependent output430 minutes
In grid interconnection280 minutes
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price
(excluding tax)


  • Head Office Location

: Karasumadori Oike-agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-0845 Japan

  • Representative Director

: Ippei Takeda, Chairman and CEO

  • Established

: August 1, 1950

  • Capital Stock

: 14,286 million yen (As of March 31, 2018)

  • Employees

: 5,284 (As of March 31, 2018 Consolidated)

  • Product Lines

: Aluminum electrolytic capacitors, plastic film capacitors, “Posi-R” positive thermistors, household energy storage systems, vehicle-to-home (V2H) systems, EV/PHV quick chargers, public and industrial power storage systems, switching power supplies, function modules, power sources for medical accelerators, power sources for academic study accelerators, momentary voltage sag compensators, power outage compensators

  • Net Sales

: 114,767 million yen (consolidated, as of March 31, 2018)

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