Functional Polymer Aluminum Solid Electrolytic Capacitors
FPCAP PRODUCTS CATALOG All pages download (PDF:1.4M)
• Products List / System DIagram (PDF:185k)
• Precautions (PDF:163k)
• Packing Specifications (PDF:143k)
• Lead-free Soldering and Materials (PDF:118k)
• Technical Guide (PDF:220k)
• Individual specifications by series
Radial Lead Type
NS series Standard(PDF:142k)
R7 series Low ESR(PDF:155k)
R5 series Ultra-Low ESR(PDF:166k)
L8 series Low ESR and Low Profile (Φ8)(PDF:154k)
E5 series Ultra-Low ESR and Low Profile (Φ8)(PDF:154k)
S8 series Low ESR / ESL and Low Profile (Φ6.3)(PDF:169k)
F8 series Low ESR / ESL and Low Profile (Φ5)(PDF:154k)
NU series Large Capacitance(PDF:157k)
NE series Large Capacitance(PDF:195k)
S6 series Miniature Sized Large Capacitance(PDF:175k)
HT series High Temperature (125°C)(PDF:166k)
SMD Type
PS / PA series Standard (Φ6.3 / Φ8 / Φ10)(PDF:167k)
HS / HA series Large Capacitance (Φ8)(PDF:171k)
SS / SA / SB series Large Capacitance (Φ6.3)(PDF:171k)
FS / FA series Large Capacitance (Φ4 / Φ5)(PDF:163k)
SL series Low Profile (Φ6.3)(PDF:173k)
VA / VB / VC series Molded Chip (Φ7.3x4.3x2.8)(PDF:221k)
UA / UB series Molded Chip (Φ7.3x4.3x1.9)(PDF:189k)

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