Momentary voltage sag compensator

Supplies power during momentary
voltage sags

A momentary voltage sag is when the voltage drops for 2 seconds or less


  • High momentary voltage sag compensation capability
    Instantly detects momentary voltage sags with constant monitoring, and performs compensation
    Switching time is 2.0 msec or less
  • High efficiency design with UPS passive standby operation
    Achieves 98%–99% efficiency with UPS passive standby
    Contributes to lower operating costs
  • Supports repeated momentary voltage sags
    Supports five-voltage sag repetitions of 0.2 sec sags - 0.2 sec normal voltage
  • 15-year maintenance-free power storage unit using EVerCAP® electric double layer capacitors
  • Able to monitor momentary voltage sag
    Equipped with a data collection device to enable monitoring of power conditions
  • Momentary voltage sag compensation time
    1–15 sec (also has optional support for other compensation times)

Sample applications

Semiconductor foundries, automobile factories, textile factories, resin processing plants, electronic parts factories, food processing factories, chemical plants, paint factories, building materials factories, rock crushing factories, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, buildings, shops