Power outage compensator

Supplies power during power outages

A power outage is when the voltage drops for 2 seconds or more


  • High power-outage compensation capability
    Instantly detects voltage sags and performs compensation - switching time is 2.0 msec or less
  • High efficiency design with a UPS passive standby operation
    Achieves 98%–99% efficiency with UPS passive standby
    Contributes to lower operating costs
  • Supports repeated power outages
    Supports 5 repeated power outages over 1 minute during repeated power outages and can compensate for 5–8 minutes in the event of a continuous power outage*
    • Varies depending on storage battery specifications
  • 15-year maintenance-free power storage unit
    Realizes a 15-year expected lifespan of the power storage unit by using long-life batteries and controlled operation that takes degradation into consideration
  • High reliability and security
    Achieves high reliability and security by using highly safe lithium ion batteries
  • Compact, lightweight, space-saving
    Optimizes necessary storage capacity for backup and realizes a compact size and light weight by using energy-efficient lithium-ion batteries as power storage devices.
  • Power outage compensation time
    5 minutes (also has optional support for other compensation times)

Sample applications

Semiconductor foundries, automobile factories, textile factories, resin processing plants, electronic parts factories, food processing factories, chemical plants, paint factories, building materials factories, rock crushing factories, hospitals, data centers, stadiums, buildings, shops