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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

Established July 2023

Nichicon Corporation and its affiliated companies (hereafter, collectively referred to as the “Company”) have established the following Social Media Policy for the operation of the Company’s official social medial account (“Official Account”) and the participation of the Company’s employees in other social media platforms. The Company and its employees shall strictly adhere to this policy.

Social Media Guidelines for Nichicon Group Employees

・ When participating in social media platforms, we will always be mindful of our actions as responsible and sensible individuals.

・ We will accurately understand and comply with all relevant laws and the Company’s internal regulations.

・ We fully understand that social media is accessible to an unspecified large number of users and that once information is posted on social media, it cannot be entirely retracted or deleted.

・ We understand that the information and responses we post on social media can have a considerable impact on society and the Company. We will be careful to avoid any misunderstandings.

Social Media Terms of Use

The Company has established the “Social Media Terms of Use” (hereafter, the “Terms”) as below for the use of its official social media account (“Official Account”). When using the Official Account, we kindly ask that users comply with the provisions of the Terms.

1. Application and revision of the Terms

(1) The Terms shall apply to all individuals using the Official Account (“Users”). By using the Official Account, Users are deemed to have agreed to the Terms.

(2) The Company may revise the Terms without obtaining the Users' consent. The revised Terms shall become effective from the time they are posted on the Company's website.

2. Operating hours

The operating hours of the Official Account are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, substitute holidays, and other days designated by the Company as holidays). However, the Company may operate the Official Account outside these hours as well.

3. Access to basic information

When a User registers to use the Official Account, the act of doing so shall be deemed that the User has granted access to his or her publicly available account and profile information, including but not limited to his or her username, profile picture, gender, network, user ID, and friends list.

4. Prohibited actions

If information posted on the Official Account is categorized or has the potential to be categorized as any of the following acts, we may delete the information or take other actions deemed necessary.

・ Acts unrelated to the purpose of the Official Account

・ Acts that interfere with the operation of the Official Account or have the potential to do so

・ Acts that violate laws and public order and morals, or have the potential to do so

・ Acts related to criminal or illegal activities

・ Acts that involves the use of inappropriate expressions, such as sexually explicit or discriminatory language

・ Acts related to political, religious, or commercial advertising, promotions, or solicitations

・ Acts that identify, disclose, or leak personal information without obtaining the individual’s consent

・ Acts of using various social media platforms by impersonating third parties, including the Company

・ Acts prohibited by various social medial platform operators

・ Any other acts that the Company considers inappropriate in operating the Official Account

5. Replies to posts and comments

The Company may not respond to every comment or direct message (DM) received through the Official Account

6. Handling of intellectual property rights

(1) The copyrights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual property rights of the information displayed on the Official Account belong to the Company or the respective rights holders.

(2) Users shall not use the information on the Official Account beyond the scope defined by the laws concerning intellectual property rights without obtaining the consent of the rights holders.

(3) If a User provides information on the Official Account, it shall be deemed the User has granted the Company a non-exclusive, worldwide, and royalty-free right to use the part of the information not protected by intellectual property rights. It shall also be deemed the User agrees not to exercise any intellectual property rights related to that information against the Company.

7. Disclaimers

(1) The operation of the Official Account may be terminated, and any information posted on the Official Account may be deleted, without prior notice to Users.

(2) Information provided by the Company on the Official Account may be modified, terminated, or deleted without prior notice to Users.

(3) Users shall take sole responsibility for any information they provide on the Official Account. The Company assumes no responsibility for Users’ actions on the Official Account.

(4) Users agree to use the Official Account at their own risk and take full responsibility for the use of any information obtained from it. Users bear all responsibilities and liabilities arising from the use of such information.

(5) The Company does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information provide on the Official Account.

(6) Information disseminated by the Company on the Official Account does not necessarily represent the Company’s official announcements or views.

(7) If Users breach the Terms and encounter issues with the rights holders or third parties, they are responsible for resolving the issues at their own expense .

8. Handling of personal information

When the Company obtains personal information from Users, it will manage the information appropriately based on its personal information protection policy.

9. Governing laws and jurisdiction

The interpretation and application of the Terms shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In case of any disputes between the Company and Users, the Kyoto District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance.