Corporate Message

With its three main core businesses, Nichicon supports the four focus markets, which are diversifying and rapidly changing accelerating through new key technologies.

  • Energy, Ecology &
    Medical equipment
    Energy, Ecology & Medical equipment
  • Automotive &
    related appliances
    Automotive & Railway-car related appliances
  • Home appliances &
    Industrial Inverters
    Household Electrical (Home) Appliances & Industrial Inverters
  • Information &
    Communications equipment
    Information & Communications equipment

Over the last fifty years as society rapidly evolved, Nichicon has tirelessly worked on developing, manufacturing, and selling capacitors. At present, Nichicon is developing circuit products and composite parts by applying these technologies, and backed by our two pillars, "Capacitor Business" and "NECST Business", Nichicon is engaged in three core businesses of "Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors", "Film Capacitors" and "Circuit Products".

We continue to provide high value-added products and services to meet diverse and sophisticated needs around the world by focusing on four markets that are diversifying and accelerating with new key technologies: energy, ecology, and medical equipment; automotive and Railway-car related appliances; Home appliances and Industrial inverters; and information and Communications equipment.

Corporate Statement

Being a company that always thinks from the standpoint of customer satisfaction,
Being a company with "Execution capabilities" to "Do it right away"---
As a statement that expresses such an attitude, in March 2000,
we formulated our Corporate Statement of "Can Do! All You Need and More, Right Away."

We are in the era where speed is required.
Nichicon declares that it will respond quickly and accurately to user requirements, and Nichicon will also put this into practice.