Top Message

  • Ippei Takeda, Chairman & CEO (Left)
  • Katsuhiko Mori, President & COO (Right)

With the top notch management, aiming for Koto-Zukuri (the creation of innovative solutions) and becoming a creation business

Since our founding in 1950, Nichicon has consistently been involved in the development, production and sales of capacitors and circuit products that are indispensable in many types of electric and electronic products.

In response to the increasingly sophisticated and diverse needs of our customers, we have launched a "Top Notch Management" strategy in our three core businesses (aluminum electrolytic capacitors, film capacitors, and circuit products), aiming for the highest levels of quality, cost, delivery, service, technology, and all other aspects of our business. We are developing aggressive corporate strategies in the four market segments of "energy, environment, and medical equipment," "automotive and vehicle-related equipment," "white goods and industrial inverter equipment," and "information and telecommunications equipment," all of which are experiencing remarkable growth.

In 2010, we launched the NECST (Nichicon Energy Control System Technology) Project (currently the NECST Business Division) to develop and market unique new products to contribute to the environmental society and expand our business, including home energy storage systems, V2H (Vehicle to Home) systems, quick chargers for EVs, and energy storage systems for public and industrial use.

Going forward, we aim to make the switch from being a manufacturing business to being a creation business by shifting our perspective from manufacturing to Koto-Zukuri (the creation of innovative solutions), and satisfy and delight our customers by proposing products that deliver value exceeding their expectations.

  • Chairman & CEOIppei Takeda
  • President & COOKatsuhiko Mori