Promoting Environmental Management

Environmental management system

Within the NICHICON Group, the general manager of the CSR Office (operating officer) takes full responsibility for environmental management and strategies, policies, objectives and environmental conservation promotion activities. These responsibilities are discussed and decided upon by the Environmental Management Committee. At this time, the facilities are informed of the decisions made by the committee, and they engage in environmental management and environmental impact reduction activities through repetition of the PDCA cycle.
Finally, in each domestic manufacturing facility the factory manager determines environmental management. The manager designates the environmental management system (EMS) supervisor and drafts an appropriate environmental conservation policy based on the environmental impact assessment for each facility.

Acquisition status of certification of ISO 14001

In August 1996, aiming at harmonious coexistence with the global environment, the NICHICON Group decided to obtain ISO 14001 environmental management system certification. Based on this policy, manufacturing facilities at home and abroad have already obtained the certification.
The transition examination to the 2015 version of ISO 14001 has been completed at all manufacturing sites, aiming for further upward spiral.

Note: Please refer to here, for details on facilities with ISO 14001 certification and their certification dates.

Environmental risk management

As the emitter, we bear the responsibility for managing emissions of exhaust gases, water and waste. To meet this responsibility, we strive to reduce risk by complying with the standards set forth in laws and ordinances and managing these substances through an environmental risk management system based on ISO 14001.

For waste, we conduct preliminary reviews of processing companies prior to outsourcing these operations, and conduct checks after outsourcing waste processing activities. Furthermore, on a daily basis we work to manage waste properly by thoroughly enforcing patrolled inspection of the waste storage areas and management based on the Industrial Waste Control Manifest. We also work to prevent illegal dumping and pollution accidents.

The NICHICON Group has established voluntary emission standards for air and water pollution that are even stricter than the standards stipulated by current laws and regulations. Through regular testing and rigorous management, we strive to prevent leaks and other forms of pollution.

We submit reports to the government on chemical substances targeted by the PRTR Law* after determining their handling amount and emission and transfer volumes. We also endeavor to reduce emissions into the atmosphere, water and soil of hazardous chemicals (subjects of Type 1 specified chemical substances in the PRTR).

  • Law concerning Pollutant Release and Transfer Register