Risk Management

Ongoing improvements to the business continuity plan (BCP) and business continuity management (BCM) entrenchment efforts

The NICHICON Group makes an effort to take the appropriate responses and countermeasures to prevent risk and minimize damage from the perspective of employees, trading partners, customers, regional communities and all our stakeholders with respect to systems and countermeasures for risks with the potential to significantly impact business, such as natural disasters and accidents, management risks, and political, economic and social risks. In an effort to maintain safe and stable corporate management, operations and compliance are conducted thoroughly in accordance with disaster and crime prevention management regulations and risk management regulations.

The NICHICON Group places importance on the establishment of business continuity management (BCM) for the quick resumption or continuation of business in the event of damage from a natural disaster or accident during the course of business activities.

The Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred on March 11, 2011, provided the NICHICON Group with an opportunity to complete preparation of an outline for the NICHICON Group business continuity plan (BCP) formulation guidelines in 2012, and business continuity regulations incorporated the already-drafted business continuity plan and its management. Based on these activities, NICHICON is establishing BCM including continuous improvements via the PDCA cycle to further enhance its business continuity plan.

Company-Wide Liaison System in the Event of Materialization of Risks

Company-Wide Liaison System in the Event of Materialization of Risks

Strengthening of information security

In terms of information security measures, the NICHICON Group established the Information Security Basic Policy in February 2007. The Group is distributing the Information Security Handbook and the NICHICON Employees’ Guide on “ko-do” (Think and Work) to thoroughly familiarize employees with the rules and other matters concerning the handling of information assets, in order to ensure recognition by all employees of the importance of protecting information assets, as well as the reflection thereof in their daily work.

At the same time, we believe that information assets can generate new business if our employees are able to utilize them strategically, although the information must be used correctly in performing business operations.

The NICHICON Group will work to establish a foundation for stable and sustainable growth by continuing to utilize information assets safely and accurately.

NICHICON Group Information Management Framework

NICHICON Group Information Management Framework

Determine and manage important risks

The Risk Management Subcommittee is part of the NICHICON Group CSR Promotion Committee established at our Head Office. The Risk Management Subcommittee receives monthly activity reports from each facility, which it uses to confirm the content of their activities and provide directions.

Beginning in FY2013, the subcommittee also began using Risk Management Effort Status Reports in addition to the monthly activity reports, with each business facility responsible for determining and managing important risks.

The actual progress of such efforts and their verification are confirmed through the monthly reports, with guidance provided for ongoing improvement.