Relations with Employee

Making of a Rewarding Office

In the Nichicon Group, a place of an activity is given to those who have a challenging spirit, vigorous energy, and do their best. Besides that, we support our employees in improving their career, so that each of them can enhance his/her ability and gain a good result at the right place and in the right position. We make improvements in their motivation by rewarding their efforts, inventiveness, etc., as well as by giving them fair evaluations.

Education/training System to Aid in Employee Skill Enhancement

The Nichicon Group knows that people are its most valuable managerial asset, and from the standpoint that people are also the energy that drives the company, under the “speed and flexibility” motto, we have a wide range of personnel training programs, from basic to advanced and specialized courses, including seminars for new employees, management seminars, class-by-class seminars, MOT (management of technology) education through collaboration with university, etiquette and manners seminars, and distance learning programs.
Diverse correspondence courses are offered in order to allow each and every employee enhances his or her skills through training seminars and self-improvement courses.

Respect for Fundamental Human Rights and Human Rights Education

Having the proper awareness for human rights is imperative for society. Thus, the Nichicon Group includes the phrase “respect for the basic human rights and privacy of all people” in its employee Code of Conduct handbook.

The Code of Conduct is recited at our weekly morning assemblies. We provide human rights education and seek to create an environment in which harassment, both verbal and physical, are completely intolerable.

Promotion of Diversity

The Nichicon Group is engaged in the promotion of diversity.

With regard to the employment of people with physical disabilities, there are ongoing recruiting activities to achieve and maintain the statutory employment rate.

As for the employment of seniors, those with motivation and ability who are to leave their jobs after reaching retirement age are re-employed, and as a system in which they can utilize their skills and experience for the further development of the Company, we instituted a post-retirement reemployment system in FY2006.

We also actively hire foreign exchange students to better understand various perspectives around the world.

Work-Life Balance

The Extended Child Care Leave System and the Extended Family Care Leave System were introduced as systems enabling our employees to work with peace of mind, with the aim of allowing them to balance their work and private life while fully exercising their abilities.

Further, the details of leave, extended leave, reduced work hours, and overtime exemption systems related to childbirth, child care, and family care, as well as the impressions and comments of those who have used the systems, are introduced in the Corporate newsletters, thereby working to create a climate where the systems can be used with an easy conscience at all Group business facilities and thereby increase both the percentage of extended child care leave taken and the number of employees who have taken extended child care leave multiple times.

In addition, we are seeking to introduce and implement systems aimed at achieving a more comfortable working environment through the formulation of an action plan based on the Law to Promote Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.

Reinforcement of Welfare

We make efforts for the reinforcement of the welfare program, so that our employees can do their work in a comfortable environment. Bachelor apartments are constructed near each business office for the employees who find it difficult to commute from their own homes, and we have contract recreation facilities throughout the country. Our club activities include tennis, baseball, softball, skiing, fishing, backpacking, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, etc. We also have systems of shareholdings and property accumulation savings for employees.

Commendation System

The Nichicon Group has a system in place by which it rewards model employees who have made significant achievements or have shown excellent performance at work. Awards are given once a year on the anniversary of the Company’s founding. Employees who have received commendations get their names and achievements listed in the Company bulletin in addition to receiving prizes or award money.

Employee's Health Care Support

In the Nichicon Group, as a part of the preservation/improvement of health, in addition to various health checkups such as periodic health check-ups, lifestyle disease medical examinations, complete physical examinations, detection of asymptomatic brain diseases, etc., and we also execute office inspection/health counseling/guidance by industrial physician, distribution of booklets concerning health care, etc.

Securing the Occupational Safety and Health

Not only do we abide by the minimum standard provided by the Industrial Safety and Health Law to prevent an industrial accident, but also, aiming at achievement of a comfortable working environment, we aggressively work on the installation of an office environment where the employees can work safely and comfortably by doing such things as holding a meeting every day with the theme of safety and comfort, raising an alarm or presenting a point of concern, if any, to each other at the monthly safety and health committee.

Safety and Health Education and Course

In each business office of the Nichicon Group, safety and health education is regularly executed to improve the workers' awareness toward the safety and health. Especially, in the safety and health education for the new employees, safe performance in each work is thoroughly instructed with the slogan "Safely First."