Human Resource Cultivation and Utilization

Education / Training system

The NICHICON Group aims to train and support the growth of human resources capable of “ko-do (Think and Work)” with sincerity in order to maximize corporate value through the creation of valuable products. Therefore, we offer a wide range of personnel training, incorporating both Internet-based and on-site programs, that include rank-based training, job-based training, compliance training, competition law training, and etiquette and manners seminars. By collaborating with various universities, we also offer MOT education. This program is designed to cultivate engineers who understand management and managers who know the value of technology. It has been implemented since 2005, and has been instrumental in new product development successes. In addition, we encourage each of our employees to obtain QM/QC Examination and take part in a variety of correspondence courses to boost their skills on multiple fronts.

Commendation system and Invention Incentive System

Each year on the Company’s anniversary, the NICHICON Group bestows awards on employees who have made significant achievements.

Also, in order to raise the motivation of employees involved in research and development, we have instituted an “Invention Incentive System” for work-related patents, utility models and designs. In fiscal 2020, 180 incentives were awarded. Also applying for external awards for superior patents, utility models and designs, we receive the Kyoto Invention Merit Award outstanding performance award and others every year.

Respect for fundamental human rights and human rights education

The NICHICON Group considers the proper awareness of human rights to be of great importance. Established in 2002, our Code of Conduct expresses this sentiment, highlighting “the basic human rights, dignity and privacy of all persons.” Based on this principle, at orientation, new employees are told that it is absolutely unacceptable to discriminate against anyone based on nationality, race, ethnicity, sex or gender identity, age, religion, creed, social status, lineage, finances, physical characteristics, physical or mental disabilities, pregnancy, political views, membership in a labor union, marital status, or other such reason. They are also told that it is prohibited to violate human rights by such means as sexual harassment, power harassment, and other acts of defamation, including bullying, insults, verbal abuse, etc. The “Code of Conduct” is also recited at our weekly morning assemblies in order to maintain continuous awareness and prevent harassment and other human rights violations.

Promotion of diversity

The NICHICON Group employs a diverse range of personnel, including disabled persons, the elderly, women, and foreigners, and strives to allow each employee to reach their maximum potential. With regard to the employment of people with physical disabilities, we conduct ongoing recruiting activities to maintain employment above the statutory employment rate. As for the employment of seniors, those with motivation and ability who are to leave their jobs after reaching retirement age are re-employed, and we have instituted a post-retirement re-employment system in which they can utilize their skills and experience for the further growth of the Company.

Work-life balance realization

We have formulated an action plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children and fulfilled our system of shortened working hours for maternal care and childcare, as well as encouraging male employees to take Child Care Leave, to promote an environment that fosters a balance with work. Furthermore, in order to allow our employees to work with peace of mind, we have introduced a system of accumulating annual paid leave in preparation for long-term leave for personal illness or caring for family members. We have recently introduced and utilized staggered work schedules and a system of working from home, establishing multifaceted workstyles to accommodate the “new normal,” as well as introducing a group long-term disability income compensation insurance system that compensates employees for a portion of their income in the event that they are unable to work for an extended period of time due to illness or injury, in order to grant them the peace of mind to focus on getting better.

Ensuring occupational safety and health

The NICHICON Group provides periodic safety and health education programs to its employees. Each day, our employees recite the safety rules and identify any potential danger. Our operators also engage in danger prediction training to increase their safety and reduce the possibility of injury.

Regarding the safety of our new employees, they are thoroughly educated so that every task, including on-the-job training (OJT), is conducted safely at each workplace.

Making “safety instruction and training aimed at zero occupational/commuting accidents” a priority and sharing information on the situation in each facility Group-wide, as well as reducing temperature differences and variability in activities, we confirm problems that are addressed by the Head Office and various worksites. Meeting participants also incorporate each other’s best practices into their own activities.