Relations with Customers

Basic Policy Concerning Purchase

The Nichicon Group established the basic policy concerning purchase of (1) OPEN (2) FAIR (3) SOCIALITY in October 2003, aiming at sustainable development of the corporation and the society. With the notion "Our company and the supplier are partners to make a good product together," we also aim at coexistence and co-prosperity with our customers by practicing a fair and open trade as well as by building up a sustainable partnership based on mutual confidence.

In materials procurement by Nichicon, a trade based on the principle of free competition is promoted, regardless of corporate size or nationality.
We practice an appropriate, open, and fair trade based on mutual confidence with our customers.
We contribute to society and abide by the laws and regulations through our materials procurement activities and practice trade considerate to the global environment.

Communications with Suppliers

"The Nichicon Group and its suppliers are partners in making a good product together." This is our basic idea. For this propose, we deepen mutual understanding and make efforts so that we can deliver the product of the highest quality by aggressively working on information exchange by visiting each other.

And the Nichicon Group holds a supplier meeting twice a year annually, in spring and in fall, inviting our main customers. In the supplier meeting, we explain the industry trend and environment that surrounds our group, we ask the customers to present their approach on the improvement activity, and so on. Through this process, we aim at mutual understanding by reminding ourselves that each of our companies is an important component of a supply chain. In particular, for the reduction of environmental load, we ask them to make improvements on this by complying with the green procurement guidelines, and we implement close communication with them.