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Website Use Terms and Conditions

This website is operated by Nichicon Corporation. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, and use this website only if you agree to these conditions. Please note that you will be deemed to have agreed to all conditions contained in the Website Use Terms and Conditions below upon using our website.

Site Information

Although Nichicon operates this website and chooses the ideal content to be presented here with minute attention to every detail, Nichicon disclaims all warranties with respect to the reliability, adequacy, or security of the content and information. Nichicon shall not be liable for any damage of any kind caused by use of this website and information on this website. Nichicon reserves the right to change or delete any content and URL on or from the site without prior notice. In addition, Nichicon may choose to stop or discontinue operation of this site. Please check the latest information when you use the site. Nichicon shall also not be liable for any damage of any kind caused by the use of said information.

Copyrights, etc.

Information, materials, documents, graphics, photos, illustrations, videos, images, sound, music, software, trademarks, designs, information transmitted/distributed via e-mails and everything else included on this website are protected by the copyrights and/or industrial property rights and other rights owned by Nichicon or third parties. For this reason, you are prohibited from downloading, modifying, editing, reprinting, distributing, or otherwise reproducing these materials, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of the holders of these copyrights and other rights, except for your own personal, nonprofit private use, within the range specified by this website, and within the range permitted by laws such as citation. Note that should any content containing Nichicon or third party copyright notices be reproduced or copied, said reproductions or copies must show these copyright notices as well.

Handling e-mails, mail forms, and other communication

Nichicon shall not be obliged to reply to communication to this website via e-mail, mail form, and other means. Nichicon shall also not be liable for any damage arising from replies. Nichicon reserves the right to freely use information, questions, proposals, materials and anything else sent to this website for any purposes upon observing our privacy policies.

Requirements for Linking

You must observe trademark laws and other related laws and regulations when linking to this website. Note that Nichicon shall not be obliged to provide compensation for any damage should conflicts occur due to linking or related events, nor shall it be held responsible for such compensation. Even when you follow links from this website to other websites, Nichicon shall not be liable for any damage arising from use of other linked sites.

Disclaimer of Liability

Users of this site assume all responsibility for the use of this site. Under no circumstances will Nichicon be held liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from system interruption/delay or abort due to communication line and/or computer failure, loss of data, illegal access of data, and other unexpected events while using this website. Users are advised to take preventive measures against viruses infecting their computers and other security threats at their own expense, for which Nichicon shall not be held liable.