Investor Relations Policy

1. Information disclosure policy

We comply with relevant laws and regulations related to securities trading and regulations of stock exchanges in all corporate activities in order to realize fair and highly transparent management and thus to fulfill our responsibilities to the various stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, and investors, with full awareness of our corporate social responsibility, and strive to disclose important company information that affects investment decisions in a timely and appropriate manner in order to build and maintain relationships of trust with shareholders and investors.

2.Standards for information disclosure

We strive to disclose information to all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in a timely, accurate, and fair manner in compliance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, as well as various laws and regulations, and the rules provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc., on which we list our shares, by promptly disclosing information that falls under the Securities Listing Regulations established by the Exchange.

3.Method of information disclosure

We conduct timely disclosure (through posting materials in the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) provided by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and our website and press club) with regard to the information of which disclosure is required under the timely disclosure regulations, and information that we judge should be disclosed in a timely manner. Please note that this website may not include all of the information disclosed by us. In addition, the information may be expressed differently from information disclosed by other means.

4.On future forecasts

Forecasts of future performance disclosed by us are based on information available at the time of disclosure and certain assumptions deemed reasonable. Actual results may differ significantly from forecasts due to various risk factors and uncertainties.

5.On quiet period

In order to prevent leaks of financial results information and ensure fairness, we designate the period from the day following the accounts closing date of each quarter to the date of the quarterly results announcement as a quiet period, and in principle, we refrain from answering questions or making comments regarding financial results during that period. However, even during the quiet period, if there is a possibility that there will be a significant difference between the performance forecast and the actual results, we will make an appropriate announcement in accordance with the disclosure regulations.

6.Other rules

When searching for our information on this website, kindly refer to the Disclaimer and the Website Use Terms and Conditions as posted separately, as well as this Investor Relations Policy.