• Nichicon's Personal Data Protection Policy

Nichicon's Personal Data Protection Policy

Nichicon's Personal Data Protection Policy

Nichicon Corporation and its Group of companies (hereinafter referred to as "Nichicon Group") recognize that proper use and protection of information that can identify individual customers (hereinafter referred to as "personal data") are a primary social responsibility of the Nichicon Group. Based on this understanding, Nichicon has formulated the following personal data protection policy and has established a management system, making it known to our board members and related employees so that the policy can be thoroughly observed throughout the Nichicon Group.

1. Acquisition and Intended Use of Personal Data

When the Nichicon Group obtains personal data from customers, it shall clearly indicate the purposes for which the personal data is intended to be used and shall only use the information within the appropriate scope necessary for achieving these purposes.

2. Safety Management of Personal Data

In order to ensure the safety of personal data, the Nichicon Group shall provide specific training to related employees and take all relevant security measures related to personal data (prevention of loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage of data).

3. Providing Personal Data to Third Parties

As a general rule, the Nichicon Group shall neither disclose nor provide a customer's
personal data to third parties, except in the following cases:
  • The Nichicon Group uses the following types of data for collaboration with distributors and sales companies.
    (Under these circumstances, the Nichicon Group assumes responsibility for the management of this data.):
    ·Types of Personal Data used for collaboration
  • Names, contact information (addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, etc.)
  • Employment information (names of employing companies, names of departments, job titles, etc.)
  • Inquiry details, order details, purchase information (purchase histories, etc.)
  • Contract information, etc.
  • When the customer has given explicit prior consent to the disclosure;
  • To comply with laws and regulations;
  • When disclosure is necessary for the protection of human life, human health, or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer;
  • When it is necessary to cooperate with a governmental agency, local authorities, or a person commissioned by such entities in their execution of official tasks prescribed by laws and regulations, and obtaining the customer's consent may hinder execution of such official tasks;
  • When business inheritance takes place due to merger, spin-off, business transfer, or other reasons.

4. Regarding outsourcing

Upon forming agreements that include confidentiality requirements, the Nichicon Group will, in some cases, outsource operations, including the handling of personal data, to external contractors. This outsourcing will only be conducted within a scope necessary to fulfill purposes listed in the “Nichicon Group’s Handling of Personal Data” section below.

5. About education and enlightenment

We will educate and enlighten executives and employees so that they can understand the importance of protecting personal information and manage it appropriately.

6. Compliance with Laws and Regulations Related to Personal Data and Continual Improvement

The Nichicon Group shall observe related laws, regulations, and standards, and make continual efforts to improve its activities related to the protection of personal data.

7. Response to inquiries concerning personal information.

The Nichicon Group strives to provide proper and prompt response to complaints and consultations concerning its handling of personal data. We also accept requests for the disclosure of personal data we have on file (notices concerning purposes behind our use of personal data and information concerning personal data disclosures, revisions, additions, deletions, usage, and distribution). For more information related to procedures for requesting disclosure, please contact the Personal Data Complaint and Consultation Service Center using the contact information provided below:

Personal Data Complaint and Consultation Service Center

Nichicon Corporation Personnel Department

Enacted on November 30, 2006
Revised on April 1, 2020

Nichicon Corporation
President and COO Katsuhiko Mori

Nichicon Group's Handling of Personal Data

Purposes behind our use of personal data

  • Data concerning customers and trading partners
  • To inform customers regarding products and services; conduct sales, installation, and maintenance; and render services
  • To request that customers participated in a variety of surveys
  • To provide customers with information concerning campaigns, exhibitions, etc.
  • To provide customers with a variety of documents and samples
  • To provide responses to, and conduct correspondence regarding, inquiries of all types
  • To submit orders to, and conduct correspondence with, business partners
  • To negotiate and conclude contracts, fulfill contractual obligations, and conduct billing and payments in accordance with agreements
  • To design and develop a variety of products, services, etc.
  • Data concerning various research societies and industry groups
  • To submit reports and notifications to government offices and various industry groups
  • To conduct a variety of business correspondence
  • Data concerning shareholders
  • To conduct a variety of correspondence with, and deliver documents to, shareholders
  • Data concerning job applicants
  • To perform employment screening
  • To provide responses to, and conduct correspondence regarding, inquiries
  • Data concerning Nichicon Group employees, their families, and other related parties
  • To oversee personnel affairs and conduct management of Nichicon Group employees
  • To perform administration and other necessary clerical work related to, and hold correspondence with, Nichicon Group employees
  • Information concerning retirees and other former employees
  • To respond to, and send correspondence concerning, inquiries
  • Other operations related to the items listed above
    Note: When performing individual disclosures or notifications regarding the purposes behind our usage of personal data, we will ensure that these disclosures and notifications are also in accordance with these purposes.

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Personal Data Complaint and Consultation Service Center

Nichicon Corporation Personnel Department