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    Purposes behind our use of personal data

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    • To inform customers regarding products and services; conduct sales, installation, and maintenance; and render services
    • To request that customers participated in a variety of surveys
    • To provide customers with information concerning campaigns, exhibitions, etc.
    • To provide customers with a variety of documents and samples
    • To provide responses to, and conduct correspondence regarding, inquiries of all types
    • To submit orders to, and conduct correspondence with, business partners
    • To negotiate and conclude contracts, fulfill contractual obligations, and conduct billing and payments in accordance with agreements
    • To design and develop a variety of products, services, etc.
    (2) Data concerning various research societies and industry groups
    • To submit reports and notifications to government offices and various industry groups
    • To conduct a variety of business correspondence
    (3) Data concerning shareholders
    • To conduct a variety of correspondence with, and deliver documents to, shareholders
    (4) Data concerning job applicants
    • To perform employment screening
    • To provide responses to, and conduct correspondence regarding, inquiries
    (5) Data concerning Nichicon Group employees, their families, and other related parties
    • To oversee personnel affairs and conduct management of Nichicon Group employees
    • To perform administration and other necessary clerical work related to, and hold correspondence with, Nichicon Group employees
    (6) Information concerning retirees and other former employees
    • To respond to, and send correspondence concerning, inquiries
    (7) Other operations related to the items listed above

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