Counterfeit Goods Alert

Recently, there have been confirmed cases of electronic parts labeled as
Nichicon Corporation products; Nichicon did not make these products.
There have also been reports of products labeled with counterfeit Nichicon
Corporation labels (so-called “Counterfeit Goods”) being circulated all over
the world. These Counterfeit Goods are handled by dealers other than
Nichicon Corporation’s sales offices, sales companies, and distributors
(hereinafter referred to as the “Authorized Sales Channels”), and it is a fact
that it is difficult to identify these Counterfeit Goods.

Counterfeit Goods do not meet the quality standards of Nichicon
Corporation. They may not only cause malfunctions in your equipment, but
they also pose serious safety problems. In addition, we have encountered
cases where customers suffered from quality defects when using these
Counterfeit Goods in their equipment.

Therefore, for your safety, we request you purchase our products through
the Authorized Sales Channels of Nichicon Corporation only to ensure that
you do not purchase Counterfeit Goods by mistake.

In addition, to confirm whether your supplier is an “Authorized Sales
Channel of Nichicon Corporation” or not, please check our sales offices and
companies (listed on our website.
located near you.

We look forward to your kind understanding and cooperation.


We are not responsible for any defects or damages caused by our
customer’s use of Counterfeit Goods. We appreciate your understanding in
this matter, and we look forward to your continued patronage.