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Nichicon provides 3DCAD data of aluminum electrolytic capacitors and conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors as data for board design consideration. Please use it for various circuit design.

【 Instructions for download 】

  • This data does not guarantee the specifications of the product.
    Since 3DCAD data is created based on representative dimensions, it may be different from actual product dimensions.
  • Please note that this data may be added, changed or deleted for improvement without prior notice.
  • 3DCAD data is in STEP and IGES format. If you can not handle it with your CAD software, please convert the format before use.
  • Nichicon Corporation assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by the use of this data.
  • Redistribution and reprinting of this data are strictly prohibited.
  • The copyright of this data belongs to Nichicon Corporation.
  • Based on the registration information of the customer who downloaded 3DCAD data,
    we may distribute various information such as update information of 3DCAD data,
    exhibition information, new product information etc. by e-mail.

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