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Advanced Technologies for Medical Facilities

Nichiconʼs ultra-high precision power supplies are being utilized in particle beam therapy treatment for cancer. The power supplies use of high voltage/ high current control technologies, DC stabilization and high precision digital control technologies make it the preferred choice for this application.
Our power supplies have been delivered to 16 of the 20 cancer particle beam treatment facilities in Japan with an additional 9 power supplies being delivered to other locations mainly in North America.


(Source: Nagoya Proton Therapy Center)

Development of accelerator power supply for SACLA(XFEL) Facility

High-output, highly stabilized power source using SiC power semiconductor technology

Nichicon has developed a high precision, high voltage charger for use in SACLA (XFEL: X-ray Free Electron Laser) that has an error range of 0.01%. The SACLAʼs klystron modulator power supply uses 72 of our ultrahigh precision, high voltage chargers.
Collaborating with RIKEN and others, we developed a compact high output power supply using “SiC MOSFETS,” the power supplies are expected to make a significant contribution to the expansion and efficiency of experiments at XFEL facilities around the world.

SACLA(XFEL, or X-ray Free Electron Laser)
(Source: RIKEN)